Sunday, April 8, 2012

Got It Covered

I recently got a new toy... an iPad 2.  As a new iPad comes out, the "old" one lowers in price and I dream a little harder.  I've wanted one since they were first invented but just haven't found a good enough reason to spend that kind of money.  As the iPad 3 just came out, it was again on my radar.  My husband is an iFreak, so he was more than happy to get me on board and surprised me when he came home from work one day and ordered one online.  An early (and only) birthday present for me.  This is my first idevice and I am looking forward to maybe starting up some electronic quilt magazine subscriptions as I have way too many paper magazines and no more room for storage!  I can keep it right at my sewing spot so I can view blogs and tutorials without needing to print... how handy!
I'm sure no one cares a tickle about that, but the point of this post is the cover and bag that I made this week in which to keep the goods.  I Googled and searched and found more than plenty tutorials in blog-land.  Oddly enough, not a one was just right, but I was able to incorporate a couple different tut's here and here and ended up with something that works out perfectly.  I then went a little further to make a small bag in which to stash the covered iPad... Heather Bailey's Smarty Girl Book Bag
I've always loved this Blue Targets (GP67) print from Kaffe Fassett and was thrilled to finally have a good excuse to use it on something I'll get to look at most of the time.


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